Es Hotel (now Radisson Blu)

location Rome
Started 1999
Finished 2002
Role [u'collaborator']


Type [u'hotel/tourism', u'auditorium']
Dimension 31 800 sqm
Budget 50 000 000€
Phase [u'construction documents', u'final plans', u'artistic supervision']
Status [u'completed']

Hotel, conference centre, multi-storey car-park, 235 Guest rooms, Area: 12,800 m2 Hotel, Area: 19,000 m2 Car Park.

New building in the centre of Rome- comprising the design of all aspects of the building and its immediate surroundings, including interiors.

Hotel, conference centre, multi-storey car-park 600 cars in the Esquilino district of Rome (near Termini railway station).

Design of guest rooms, public spaces, interior and exterior design including furniture, lighting, fittings and signage.