Auditorium of Roma Convention Center ”La Nuvola”

location EUR, Rome, Italy
Started 2014
Finished 2014
Role [u'consultant', u'coordinator']

Condotte S.p.A (main contractor) - Devoto Arredamenti (sub-contractor)

Type [u'auditorium', u'public']
Dimension 1760 places
Budget 5 000 000 €
Phase [u'construction documents']
Status [u'completed']

Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas architects (final plans), Condotte S.p.A., main contractor and Devoto Arredamenti, sub-contractor (construction documents).

Technological and detail developments of interior and exterior wooden paneling and seating steps, implant and structural coordination (Condotte and Devoto). Project by M. Fuksas.