Tibetan Monastry

location Delhi, Gurgaon, India
Started 2010
Finished 2010
Role collaborator


Type cultural/educational; auditorium; residential; interiors
Dimension 2,5 Acres
Budget 2 000 000 €
Phase final plans

Annalisa Bellettati (architect in charge) with Andrea Ricci.

The Thousand Buddhas Hall Monastery was conceived as a gift by a private Italian donor for the Tibet House in Delhi. The site is located in Gurgaon near Delhi. The name of this monastery stems from the fact that the main prayer hall will house 1000 sanctified Buddha statues that was received by the Tibet house as a donation .

The design for this project had to adhere to the aesthetic sensibilities of the tibetan monks who will inherit this place. For the basic design I was given specific guidelines & had to work within that sphere.

The built up area of 3650 Sq. meters (38000 Sq. feet approx.) will comprise of the main prayer/mediation hall, an extensive library & reading room, living quarters for resident monks, visiting monks & students, dinning hall, service areas & landscaped gardens.

The project is conceived with a lot of emphasis on keeping it environmentally friendly. maximizing the use of natural light and natural water resources.

The final idea was to create a very simple & tranquil environment in the midst of an ever-expanding urban landscape that could reflect the harmonious philosophy of the institution.