AutoCAD variables

Variables can be saved in the drawing file or in the system, they can affect a single file or all of them.

Here's a collection of the ones I keep watching.

Notice: some variables that keep multiple values use a system by wich the single values are added, often based on a binary code, e.g. OSMODE (the variable that keeps the current Osnaps setting) if set to 2^0=1 (endpoint) + 2^2=4 (center) + 2^5=32 (intersection) = 37 will snap to endpoints, centers and intersections.

I personally keep a menu with some variable switches ready for quick access, eg: turn on and off image frames.

Variable Sys/dwg Values Description
insunits drawing 0 to 21 memorizes the current drawing units (meters, millimeters...)
FIELDEVAL drawing 0 to 31 when the field has to be updated (opening the file, regenareting, plotting…)